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It’s great that you’re interested in helping people in your area find their missing items. The form below is an application to show your interest and provide information for your listing. There is no fee to be listed, but I (Laura Peters) will reach out to you prior to publishing your information.

We will have a call to talk through what it means to represent BAMDA as a lost item recovery specialist and I’ll answer any questions you have about offering your metal detecting services in this way. If you are a veteran of metal detecting and have experience with recoveries, please indicate that in your bio below.

BAMDA Directory Application

This email is just so that BAMDA can contact you related to your directory listing.
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Indicate the city/town/neighborhood that is your "primary" location - generally your home base.
Please make a list of the cities, neighborhoods, areas where you are willing to offer metal detecting recovery services. If you are only willing to drive a certain distance from your home, please list the range.

Public Listing Info

You will need to list either an email or a phone number. It is your choice how you would like people to contact you. In either case, I recommend creating a unique email/number to use for metal detecting. You can create a free gmail email or a Google Voice forwarding number to protect your personal information.
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If you choose to list your email, it will be publicly available so people can contact you. If you don't have one specific for metal detecting, I recommend creating one.
If you choose to list your phone, remember that it will be public on our site so that people in your area can contact you.
Please write 1 - 2 paragraphs about your history with metal detecting, any recoveries of note, and general about you information.
Please select a photo that ideally shows you with your metal detector - a smiling photo that will help the person identify you when meeting to search. If your photo is too large or you have concerns with using a photo, please contact Laura.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, heic, Max. file size: 512 MB.
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